Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2010

Dear Friends,

As another year begins, we thought you might be interested in the news from our Meeting from 2010.

Participation in community activities was wonderful. In the spring we helped with the Clearfield Area Relay for Life held at the Grove in Clearfield. Our Meeting was well represented as part of the Grampian Ministerium Team. In our basement a Super Bowl dinner was held and proceeds went to the relay team. We sold hoagie coupons and bought Marianna hoagies from the Church of the Brethern, as well as St. Bonaventure vegetable soup. We bought “In honor of” Stars and “in memory of” Moons. We know too well how our little Meeting has been touched by the ravage of cancer. We’re trying to do our share in helping others in their cause and search for a cure. Our team proudly raised over $5,000 in the effort!

Our Meeting also participated in the Ministerium Lenten Service. A lot of hard work was put into our presentation and it seems the visitors always look forward to coming to our Meeting for our program as well as the delicious food offered afterward!

Our men and boys do such a good job Easter morning. What a wonderful breakfast they prepare! It is so uplifting, just as Easter and its meaning is. We are all ready for a new beginning and when we see those spring flowers and new life all around us we are reminded of God’s promise fulfilled with the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We again were well represented during the Grampian Days Celebration. We no longer have a food booth but you could see Quaker faces in many areas during the very busy and hectic week – Band, Choir, Bible School – What a blessing to be able to have the Bible School for all our children. The messages touch so many young hearts who might never hear God’s Word.

In the Fall we took part in the Thanksgiving Eve Service. We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community who cares so deeply about each other and loves the Lord. We feel it wherever we go. Walt even led one of the Wednesday evening Community Bible Study groups which started in September.

Early December, after a hearty soup and sandwich luncheon, we packed 40 fruit baskets which were distributed to area senior citizens. It was fun reaching out to them with the spirit of the Holiday Season.

The Jesse Tree Project has become an annual affair. With the economy in our area, there was a need. So many families were helped with this group effort of the area churches. Distribution was from our Meeting House and the looks on the faces of those recipients, when they came for their gifts, was unreal. They couldn’t believe how generous our community churches were to them. And yes, they were appreciative! Along this same line we packed 13 boxes for the Project Christmas Child. What fun getting those boxes ready for children in need.

Some neighbors and friends experienced financial difficulties due to illness throughout the year and we were able to relieve their burdens by giving money contributions along with our prayers. None of us know when we will be the one needing assistance and we were thankful we could be of some help to them and their families.

Christmas Eve is always special. We are small in numbers, but big with so many talents! The music, our own little band, the vocals, the readings – just everything made for a very, very special evening. We all left with the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts.

Our numbers at Meeting have been down this year and this weighs heavy in our hearts. Our children are graduating and going their separate ways. The area doesn’t offer a lot of job opportunities and we’re feeling the loss. But we have good teachers and good leaders for those of us still here in Grampian. The strength of the Lord is amongst us.

We do hope you’ll come and worship with us sometime and find the spiritual blessings in our meeting that we are fortunate enough to have and to share.

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